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Speaker Profile: Prof. David Midmore, Director – Centre for Plant and Water Science, Central Queensland University

The Centre of Plant and Water Sciences of CQUniversity researches issues of plant production, utilisation and conservation, and related natural resource management of relevance to the sustainable development of Central Queensland and climatically similar regions.  It provides a range of research training opportunities at the postgraduate and undergraduate level in the plant and water sciences. Its three major research foci are: Water and the environment; Quality food and integrated production systems; Emerging plant industries. The latest strategic plan is to be found at http://cpws.cqu.edu.au/FCWViewer/getFile.do?id=5671

David Midmore
Speaker Profile
Professor David Midmore
has been for the past thirteen years the Foundation Professor of Plant Sciences and the Director for the Centre for Plant and Water Sciences at CQUniversity, Australia. He has promoted the development of a number of niche crop industries while in Australia, and prior to that he was employed in various research and development capacities in Taiwan, Peru, the Caribbean and Mexico working in public and private originations. With Andrew Rank he gained approval by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand for steviol glycosides to be accepted as intense sweeteners, opening up a potential new crop industry for Australia.

Overview of presentation
The presentation will cover two main aspects relating to stevia. The first will provide updated information on the role of steviol glycosides within the stevia plant, in an attempt to understand how to improve upon the amount and quality of steviol glycosides in stevia plants, and the second will provide an overview of the current and potential stevia industry in Australia.

Stevia World 2009 Shanghai Speaker
Day 2 – Friday, May 15
09:35  Production of Steviol Glycosides/ Usage in Australia

Stevia World 2009 in Shanghai is a showcase of the who’s who in Stevia sector, including top stevia growers, refiners, traders, key stevia organisations, government officials, scientists and investors who will highlight Upcoming opportunities, Pinpoints Regulatory Challenges & Shares Market Updates.  To find more about Stevia World in Shanghai from May 14 to 15, 2009, please visit http://www.steviaworldforum.com

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