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What is Stevia? Will this exciting cash crop offer hope in the recession? Dorn Wenninger from PureCircle shares candid answers on these questions & more.

Demand for Reb-A and Stevia sweeteners will spike in the near future and Growing Stevia has become a hot new opportunity for those in the agribusiness sector.

However, relatively little is know about Stevia and its potential, mainly because there is a dearth of information available publicly.

To address this glaring gap, we put Mr. Dorn Wenninger, PureCircle’s Corporate VP- Global Supply Chain on the Hot Seat during the Stevia World Interview, & asked him the most pressing question on everyone’s mind, ‘Why Stevia is one of 2009’s hottest investment opportunities?’

PureCircle hardly needs an introduction, with high profile customers like PepsiCo, and the Whole Earth Sweetener Company.

The worlds’ largest Reb-A manufacturers, PureCircle is at the heart of these exciting new developments in the stevia sector, and best placed to share insights on where the Stevia industry will go in the near future, and pinpoint key gaps that need filling.

And, Mr Wenninger’s current responsibilities at Pure Circle have given him a unique perspective on the complete Stevia Value Chain from the cultivation of Stevia to the extraction, refining and marketing of Reb-A.

During the intense 20-minute Q&A, Mr. Wennigner who was on the phone from Bangkok, provided crucial insight into the stevia industry. He spoke eloquently on the outlook for the industry, identified critical gaps in knowledge and shared his views on project development and marketing priorities for a successful Stevia business.

dornwenningerHere are some of the “Need-to-Know” facts about Stevia & Reb A shared by Mr. Wenninger at the interview:

  • Reb A from Stevia is closest to sugar in taste profile and is completely natural.
  • Reb A is temperature stable, making it suitable for use across the F&B industry in beverages, candies, yoghurts, ice creams and baked goods.
  • The upcoming markets for Reb A include USA, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Israel & a large part of Latin America.
  • The consumption of Reb A will be doubling and tripling in the very short term- less than six-month cycles.
  • The market for Stevia can grow 5-10 times of current market size in 2-3 years time.
  • Reb A and Stevia is projected to penetrate 20%-25% of the global sugar & sweetener market which is currently still growing!
  • There is a lot of misinformation about Stevia & Reb A in the market today, and its important for the industry to get together to talk about these crucial issues.

…plus many more…

This timely discussion offers a candid review of the Stevia and Reb-A value chain and is Compulsory Listening if you want an insider’s view on the Stevia industry.

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