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Speaker Profile: Carl Horn af Rantzien, Director, Regulatory Affairs, European Stevia Association (EUSTAS)

EUSTAS, the European Stevia Association, is a nonprofit organization, founded and presided by Prof. Jan Geuns from the University of Leuven, Belgium.

EUSTAS’s role is to promote and coordinate all activities focusing on research and health in relation to Stevia rebaudiana and related compounds, to show that they are safe for human consumption and to place a new application with the European Food Safety Authority, EFSA, for the approval of Stevia rebaudiana as a sweetener. EUSTAS represents the interests of consumers, science, and the industry, where stevia is concerned.

Carl HornSpeaker Profile
Carl Horn
is the Head of Regulatory Affairs at EUSTAS, the European Stevia Association.

Carl has been serving as an advisor to various companies in the financial sector and has been serving as a liaison and advisor to a number of public companies in the health care, environmental and electronics industries in the United States. In addition, he is an advisor to a number of private companies.

Carl has had a long time interest in and commitment to Public-Health related issues. Carl co-founded and developed a major Public Health project in Sweden in the Seventies, A Non-Smoking Generation, and brought the concept to the US. He presented a paper at the WHO World Health Conference on Smoking and Tobacco in Winnipeg, Canada, in 1982, and has served as an expert on the International Red Cross Panel on Drug Abuse.

Carl Horn is the founder and President of Granular, the Sweden-based European stevia producer.

Stevia World 2009 Shanghai Speaker
Day 1 – Thursday, May 14
11:40  Europe: Regulatory Update  

Stevia World 2009 in Shanghai is a showcase of the who’s who in Stevia sector, including top stevia growers, refiners, traders, key stevia organisations, government officials, scientists and investors who will highlight Upcoming opportunities, Pinpoints Regulatory Challenges & Shares Market Updates.  To find more about Stevia World in Shanghai from May 14 to 15, 2009, please visit http://www.steviaworldforum.com

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  • Janet

    I have read about Stavia on the internet and am looking forward to actually getting hold of some – does anyone know of a good supplier in Sweden or Northern Europe outside of the UK ? I am not finding any supplier sites when searching in Swedish ….

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