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Stevia World Summit moves to Frankfurt! Meet Stevia Market Leaders, Food Safety Regulators & Top Researchers on 18 Nov 2009.

The second edition of the highly successful Stevia World 2009 conference, Stevia World Europe will convene in Frankfurt on 18 November 2009.

Stevia World 2009, the world’s first international Stevia Industry conference, welcomed participation from over 150 key Stevia stakeholders from 31 countries in May 2009. Supported and sponsored by leading Stevia producers including Pure Circle, GLG Life Tech Corporation & Stevia Paraguay, and Stevia lobby associations like EUSTAS and American Botanical Council (ABC), the conference was a landmark event in the global stevia industry.

Stevia World Europe aims to address key issues dominating the global stevia industry today, spotlighting key Stevia regulatory developments. After the US FDA recognised high purity Reb A from key producers as ‘Generally Recognised as Safe’ (GRAS), the global market is now holding its breath for approval from European Food Safety Association (EFSA). Currently, Stevia is permitted neither as a food ingredient nor as a supplement in Europe.

Stevia World Europe will also present a global stevia market update, focusing on the rapidly expanding American marketplace where stevia is still considered a brand new entry, overview consumer perceptions of stevia, and the latest developments in flavour masking solutions. Attendees will also gain perspectives on responses from other competing high-intensity sweeteners in the global sweetener marketplace and their potential impact on Stevia demand.

Beyond end-use markets and regulatory issues, the conference will also touch on Stevia cultivation, management, investment, processing, refining, transportation and logistics.

Those seeking more information on speaking and sponsorship opportunities at Stevia World Europe can visit www.steviaworldforum.com or email Ms. Jaime at jaime@cmtsp.com.sg.

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