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We are tapping on Stevia World 2009’s Runaway Success for Upcoming Stevia World Europe. Participants share their best conference experiences.

With plans gaining speed for Stevia World Europe on 18 November in Frankfurt, we revisit the success of Stevia World 2009, which convened in May and attracted participation from over 150 key Stevia stakeholders from 31 countries.

As the world’s first Stevia Industry conference, Stevia World 2009 generated a lot of buzz in the media, and among the industry. The world’s largest Stevia producing companies,the industry’s most influential organizations, and the sector’s most widely read publications backed the conference as sponsors, supporting organizations and media partners.

Did the conference live up to its expectations? Judging by the feedback we received from most of the 150 conference participants, the inaugural Stevia World 2009 has exceeded expectations.

In fact, almost everyone we spoke to used terms like “Very Good“, “Excellent” or even “Marvellous” to describe their experience at the conference.

Many cited information gathering as the most valuable part of their experience. A researcher from Nestlé’s R&D Center summed up these views when he said, “Stevia World 2009 was a knowledge intensive conference featuring key international stevia players!”

His views were echoed by many others, who went as far as detailing the sessions that were of highest value to them. A Sales Manager at PureCircle felt, “Granular’s presentation on Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly Stevia Processing” was of great value for his line of work. A key representative from Chengdu’s Wagott Pharmaceuticals said he found the sessions on “growing and marketing stevia” very useful. Others, like the Section Manager at Japan’s Chori Ltd said he, “found the focus on regulatory authorisation of stevia very useful!”

Stevia World 2009 was also a truly international event that opened up some very valuable networking opportunities for delegates.

A participant from the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna shared, “Exchanging emails and meeting people at the conference was a valuable experience for me.” A Green Valley Stevia representative echoed these views when he said, “I had a good experience establishing my network in the global stevia community.”

Some participants also shared their vision for the global stevia industry after the conference. The delegate from Marubeni Corp said, “The conference made me realise that Stevia now stands at the door of a great future!” Others, like the participant from Nippon Paint Chemicals said, “I’m keen on finding out more about how we can increase the number of ‘Stevia Approved’ countries.”

On that note, stay tuned for our Stevia World Europe conference. Held at a critical juncture, when European regulators deliberate on approving Stevia as a food ingredient, the conference will discuss:

  • The status of Europe-wide approval for Stevia
  • The latest in flavor masking innovations
  • Stevia’s potential to emerge as market leader in the global sweetener markets
  • The American Market experience and consumer perceptions

If you’re keen on participation, sponsorship or media exchange opportunities at Stevia World Europe, contact Ms. Jaime at +65 6346 9145 or email at jaime@cmtsp.com.sg

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