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More Complex challenges emerge as Demand for Stevia Rises! Latest Position Paper explores shifting dynamics of global stevia sector…

The global stevia industry has witnessed record-breaking growth through 2009, and now faces new and more complex challenges as Stevia sweeteners go ‘mainstream’. A strategic Position Paper released in view of Stevia World Europe pinpoints these challenges including:

  • Supply reliability of high quality stevia leaves (>90% Stevioside content)
  • Access to extraction and refining technology
  • Competitive cost structure for upstream, mid stream extraction and downstream production
  • Shifts in regional taste preferences
  • Consumer acceptance
  • Complexities in managing supply chain
  • Quality control for Stevia sweeteners

The position paper entitled “Stevia as a Mainstream Sweetener! Emerging Sustainability & Market Challenges” discusses the key determinants driving Stevia business today, the pressing need to address the above-mentioned challenges, and the future of the Stevia Marketplace. Authored by Knowgenix, it is an update to their highly successful Stevia position paper released early this year.

The growing demand for Stevia Sweeteners will demand a significant increase in Stevia acreage, production, distribution and research in a relatively short time, making Stevia a very attractive option for investment!

Get a leg up into the upcoming opportunities in Stevia, by downloading “Stevia as a Mainstream Sweetener! Emerging Sustainability & Market Challenges” for a snapshot into the future of the Stevia industry.

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