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Stevia Pioneer shares perspectives on why Stevia is becoming the Sweetener of Choice!

*F*R*E*E* Webinar on 27th October 2009 offers a valuable snapshot of the Stevia business…

The Webinar “Is Stevia Shaking Up Sweetener Markets?“, will be broadcast live on 27 October 2009 at 10AM New York, 2PM GMT, 3PM Frankfurt and 10PM HK.

During the webinar, a leading Stevia Industry pioneer will examine the remarkable growth of the Stevia business, provide a snapshot of the Stevia business, and explain why Stevia is poised to emerge as the Sweetener of the Future.

So who is this Stevia Pioneer?

It’s the ‘Father of Stevia’ himself, Mr. James A (Jim) May!

That’s right! Jim May, the Founder & CEO of Wisdom Natural Brands (manufacturers of the highly popular Sweetleaf Stevia) will share his experiences in the Stevia Business, and offer his perspectives on the question “Is Stevia Shaking Up Sweetener Markets?”.

Jim realized the potential of the stevia plant when visiting Paraguay and tasting stevia leaves there in the early 1980s, and was the first to market Stevia in the United States.

Since his ‘discovery’, Jim has worked relentlessly to market the product throughout the world, and has a deep understanding of the business. SweetLeaf Stevia was also the first brand of Stevia sweeteners that achieved GRAS status from the US FDA in March 2008!

Jim assesses Stevia’s Success & Answers Pressing Questions during the Webinar…

At the webinar Jim will address key issues in the Stevia business, including:

  • The health benefits of Rebaudioside A (Reb A) and Steviol glycosides
  • Stevia’s safety and regulatory evaluations
  • Purity criteria and reference standards for Stevia.
  • Overcoming the bitter aftertaste in Stevia sweeteners.
  • Impact of the recession on the Stevia Business.

… and many more.

PLUS, he will also answer pre-submitted questions during the Q&A session!

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