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Stevia Pioneer Jim May shares his perspectives on why Stevia is becoming the Sweetener of Choice!

*F*R*E*E* Webinar Replay offers snapshot of Wisdom Natural Brand’s unique Stevia business approach…

“Is Stevia Shaking Up Sweetener Markets?” webinar went live on 27 October 2009.

During the webinar, Jim May, the Founder & CEO of Wisdom Natural Brands (manufacturers of the highly popular Sweetleaf Stevia) tapped on his 30 years of experiences in the Stevia Business to offer his perspectives on the question “Is Stevia Shaking Up Sweetener Markets?”

Jim realized the potential of the stevia plant when visiting Paraguay and tasting stevia leaves there in the early 1980s, and was the first to market Stevia in the United States.

Since his ‘discovery’, Jim has worked relentlessly to market the product throughout the world, and has a deep understanding of the business.

Jim has strong views on the extraction and marketing of Stevia, which he highlights in the webinar, while referencing research and offering anecdotes on everything from Stevia’s health benefits to consumer perceptions.

Jim addressed the Stevia Success story & answered pressing Stevia questions during the Webinar…

During the webinar, Jim walked us through:

  • The health benefits of Stevia sweeteners
  • How Sweetleaf Stevia is different from other sweeteners.
  • Sweetleaf Stevia’s water based extraction techniques
  • The link between Stevia extraction methods and the bitter after-taste.
  • The need for quality standards across the value chain.

… and many more…

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