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Americas’ 1st Global Stevia conference is confirmed! Key Stevia executives from U.S.A and Latin America share strategies & priorities…

Stevia applications, upcoming market opportunities, flavour masking, sweetness enhancing, quality control and supply chain management are high on the agenda at the Stevia World Americas Conference.

America’s 1st Global Stevia conference, Stevia World Americas conference will meet on 25-26 February 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia, and will explore Stevia’s Advancement as Mainstream Sweetener in the region.

For hundreds of years, the stevia plant has been used as a sweetener in Paraguay where many stevia plantations exist until today. In December 2008, the US FDA issued no objection to Rebaudioside A (Reb A) as Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS).

In fact, a recent report by Rabbobank stated, “Consumer concerns regarding obesity and the growing demand for all-natural products bode well for Reb A to quickly gain market share.” An analyst added, “Success seems imminent, and we expect annual U.S. sales of Reb A to reach approximately $700 million within 5 years…”

Stevia World Americas in Atlanta will offer Stevia & F&B executives a platform to exchange ideas on the Stevia Value chain, highlighting:

  • Stevia Applications in Food Products, Beverage, Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Products
  • Market Opportunities for Stevia Sweeteners vis-à-vis Sugar and other High Intensity Sweeteners
  • Flavor Masking and Sweetness Enhancing Solutions
  • Technological Advancement to increase Purity Level of Rebaudioside-A
  • Stevia Supply Chain Management

… and many more…

Interested parties are welcome to write to Ms. Jaime Ng at jaime@cmtsp.com.sg to sign up as delegates or collaborate as media partners, exhibitors and/or sponsors.

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