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Global Stevia Survey Report Uncovers Concerns & Perceptions on Stevia.

The Global Stevia Industry Perceptions Report 2009 reveals findings of the Global Stevia Industry Survey.

Dr. R Rajagopal, author of the two iconic Stevia papers “Stevia as an Alternative Sweetener” and “Stevia as a Mainstream Sweetener” has now put together the “Global Stevia Industry Perceptions Report 2009”.

The free-to-download report presents the findings of the Global Stevia Industry survey, which attracted over 300 responses from more than 70 countries, and identifies key concerns, currently held perceptions and emerging trends in the Stevia business.

Download the Global Stevia Industry Perceptions Report 2009 to find out:

  • What are the Key Concerns for the Global Stevia Industry?
  • What are the most critical knowledge gaps in the Stevia sector?
  • How much of the sweetener market share is Stevia going to capture?
  • What are the challenges that will inhibit Stevia’s growth as an industry?

… and other essential insights.

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The Stevia industry in for an exciting phase and the “Global Stevia Industry Perceptions Report 2009” will offer a valuable snapshot of how the Stevia Industry perceives itself.

Find out where the Stevia industry stands today! Get your free copy by filling in the form below, hitting submit and watching for our instructions on how you can download your own copy.

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Here’s to your Success with Stevia & Creating a Healthier World!

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