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Stevia Approved in EU by March 2010? 2nd Stevia World Europe meets in Geneva as Europe eagerly awaits EFSA’s review on Steviol Glycosides.

March 2010!

According to the buzz in the stevia industry, March 2010 is when the EFSA is going to announce their approval for Stevia’s consumption across the European Union. An announcement published on the EUSTAS website, stated that the findings of the EUSTAS safety review will be disseminated by the 1st quarter of 2010.

The size of the European common market (over 500 million) holds many opportunities once EU wide approval is given for Stevia, and major Stevia producers, as well as F&B companies are already planning products for this important market. Will trends echo the US Beverage markets, where multinational beverage manufacturers have already launched new product lines sweetened with stevia sweeteners?

The expectation is high among the industry that Stevia Sweeteners will enjoy tremendous success in Europe due to growing health concerns over alternatives like Aspartame and Sugar. In addition to that, Europeans consumers are already aware of stevia with many waiting for a free market.

The 2nd Stevia World Europe is meeting in Geneva on 18-19 May 2009, to discuss the theme, “Innovations from Sensory Optimisation , Product Formulation to New Launches in the market”. The conference is also meeting alongside Europe’s largest event for the nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and functional food ingredients industry in Geneva.

Participants at 2nd Stevia World Europe can look forward to expert insights on:

  • European Developments – From Regulations,
  • Quality to Industry concerns Market Trends,
  • New Product Launches & The Way Forward
  • Sensory Optimisation Technologies
  • Intellectual property protection of stevia varieties
  • Ongoing research on Stevia’s health features & benefit

…and many more

Those seeking more information on participation in 2nd Stevia World Europe can submit their registrations to Ms. Hafizah Adam. Email her at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg. Those keen on exploring sponsorships and media exchange agreements are also welcome to write in with their proposals.

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3 comments to Stevia Approved in EU by March 2010? 2nd Stevia World Europe meets in Geneva as Europe eagerly awaits EFSA’s review on Steviol Glycosides.

  • Remy van der Weele

    Dear Sir /Madam,
    STEVIA how great this is and how unfortunate this sweetner may be used In Europe only for outside the body the skin !
    Because the mistake report, by a Laboratory In Belgium and a report from researcher and advice to the European commision of health !
    Still in private i do use it in my coffee and tea because it is to good for outside the boby use !
    Well I hope so there is a day and Stevia would be aloud to use as a sweetner ,instead of aspartam,and canderell, and so on !!
    I like this sweetner so much and well the effect on my heart it makes ,my heart rithm is much better now I use this sugar ,this is one of the side effect i do feel into my body ,and well I like the taste very much ,and what a shame this sugar is so expensive right now
    but with a 50 gramms of sugar we can sweet a lot drinks ,or sweet our desserts with it ! and the use for Diabetecs is great too !
    Well how incredible this little plant with this sweet leaves !!!! so much use is there for this sweetner ,I had once a cocacola here in the Netherlands wsith stevia sweet,one time ,and well at once it was gone ,and the i ordered a new cocacola ,and what a negative surprize because the cocacola was sweetened with canderell !!!! because forbidden in Europe ,how can we wake up Europe for this great sweetner !!
    Oh I hope so we can convince the European councel here ,for use this great sweet product here so we want !
    well this is what i want to say !
    Remy van der Weele Reiki & Fyto Healer , Netherlands !

  • frank

    4 March 2010

    See this link, what the new EU Health Commissionar Dalli responded on 4th March to the European Parliament regarding Stevia Glycosides:

    “….Since July 2007, the Directorate-General for Health and Consumers has received three new applications for the authorisation of steviol glycosides from Stevia rebaudiana as a sweetener. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is currently performing a combined safety assessment of steviol glucosides, on the basis of the three applications, which will be completed by March 2010. In case of a favourable opinion by EFSA, the Commission will propose a measure for the inclusion of steviol glycosides in the Community list of sweeteners. ”

    My consideration & conclusion: When the Commissionar responded like this in early March 2010 that the EFSA assessment of the Stevia glycosides will be completed by end of March 2010, he was certainly briefed before by the EFSA about the status of the procedure. So it must be finalised by now! I don’t know how long the EFSA then needs to publish its assessment, but should be a matter of days of maximum 1-2 weeks, I would guess. Anyhow: Decision ante portas and the EU Commission will approve if the EFSA confirms the safety.

  • frank

    here I have found also two EFSA links with show the target of March 2010:

    http://www.efsa.europa.eu/de/anstopics/topic/additives.htm you must croll down to find this:
    “The Panel is also looking at steviol glycosides, sweeteners prepared from the stevia leaf. Their safety assessment is expected to be finalised in the first quarter of 2010.”

    and here I have found the link of an EFSA draft agenda (poit 7.2) which shows that Stevia Glycosides actually have discussed earlier in March 2010:

    my special thanks to the google advanced search function (domain restriction) !

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