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Ogawa launches Natural Stevia Optimizer, will present on flavour masking at 2nd Stevia World Asia.

Ogawa has recently developed a new natural flavor lineup Natural Stevia Optimizers, specifically for stevia-containing products. This lineup uses FDA GRAS approved natural flavor, is GMO-free and allergen-free, can be used in a variety of applications, and is available in liquid and powder forms.

Stevia has an unpleasant aftertaste and a slow sweet taste when compared with sugar. Adding Natural Stevia Optimizer cuts the unpleasant aftertaste of stevia, improves the sweet taste appearance, and enhances stevia’s character of adding body. Using stevia and Natural Stevia Optimizer, products can have a sweet full body with a controlled rich flavor while maintaining the all-natural claim.

Source: http://www.npicenter.com/anm/templates/newsATemp.aspx?articleid=26659&zoneid=2 , 22 March 2010.

To learn more on flavour masking, join Mr. Toshio Miyazawa, Researcher of Ogawa & Co. Ltd., as he presents his paper on Flavor Masking/ Modification and Sweetness Enhancement Technology for Stevia on day 1 of 2nd Stevia World Asia in Shanghai.

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