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Speaker Profile: Toshio Miyazawa, Researcher, Ogawa & Co. Ltd.

Toshio MiyazawaToshio Miyazawa graduated from Chiba University in 1998, majoring in Food Science.

Thereafter, he’s been working as researcher in Flavor System & Technology Laboratory, Ogawa & Co., Ltd. His research focus is the measurement of both flavor and palatability based on psychophysics and physiology.

Currently, one of his responsibility is to develop “Stevia Optimizer” as product leader, which is a exclusive flavor system more than masking agent for stevia products.

Work Experience:

• 1998 – Joined Ogawa & Co., Ltd.
• 2000 – Group Leader, Sensory Evaluation Group, Flavor Laboratory
• 2005 – Visiting Scientist, Monell Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia, U.S.
• Investigated psychophysics of odor mixtures (i.e., interaction among flavor)
• 2006 – Researcher, Flavor System & Technology Laboratory, R&D Control Division
• Research for flavor perception with enhancement and suppression

    2nd Stevia World Asia 2010 Shanghai Speaker
    Day 1 – Tuesday, Apr 20
    13:35  Flavor Masking/Modification and Sweetness Enhancement Technology for Stevia

    2nd Stevia World Asia 2010 in Shanghai is a showcase of the who’s who in Stevia sector, including top stevia growers, refiners, traders, key stevia organisations, government officials, scientists and investors who will highlight Upcoming opportunities, Pinpoints Regulatory Challenges & Shares Market Updates.  To find more about Stevia World Asia in Shanghai from April 20 to 21, 2010, please visit http://www.steviaworldforum.com

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