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USA’s first Stevia Sweetened Soda to showcase success story at 2nd Stevia World Europe!

While the US market anticipated a stevia sweetened soda from Coca Cola or Pepsi Co after the much publicised GRAS notifications in end 2008, a company called Zevia was already in the market, with their stevia-sweetened zero calorie carbonated soft-drink product line. The initial product, launched in 2007 was not palatable to consumers with many negative reviews on the ‘aftertaste’ and other problems.

In an interview with Natural News.com in January 2009, Zevia co-founder Ian Eisenberg spoke frankly about the product formulation process. He commented on the difficulty of removing the bitter after-taste and creating a good-tasting soft drink. Fast forward to today, SPINS identified Zevia as the #1 selling beverage item in the natural beverages category in the US.

Mr. Derek A. Newman, a Director at Zevia LLC will be speaking at 2nd Stevia World Europe, sharing details on how the company’s stevia sweetened product line went from ‘worst to first’ with a 600% increase in revenues in January 2010 over January 2009.

Zevia’s speech at 2nd Stevia World Europe will be part of a Retail success showcase at the conference, that will feature insights on the world’s first stevia sweetened chocolate, and Mintel’s overview of Trends & Innovations surrounding Stevia’s Application in Food & Beverage.

Participants can also look forward to hearing about key market trends in Australasia, and F&B Formulators’ expectations for sweetening solutions from Dr. Andrew Saunders, a senior research technologist at Fonterra Brands.

Those keen on participating in the 2nd Stevia World Europe can submit their registrations online. Click on the link below to access.

Video of Zevia on ABC News

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