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The Race to capture the European Stevia Markets heats up after EFSA’s green light! Get a headstart from Europe’s Stevia & F&B Elites at 2nd Stevia World Europe.

Companies in the race to capture the European Stevia Markets got powerful boost when the European Food Safety Agency published their positive review of Stevia’s safety, ruling it safe for use in food products.

With Stevia set to explode onto the European market a mere 6-9 months from now, companies looking for the competitive advantage are attending 2nd Stevia World Europe to find their niches and sweet spots in the European marketplace.

2nd Stevia World Europe, meeting in Geneva, Switzerland on 18-19 May, is the first global Stevia industry conference meeting so soon after the EFSA’s announcement on 14 April. This high-level industry conference, considered the largest Stevia networking meet in the world, will focus on European market and regulatory developments, and offer valuable pointers on entering the European market for stevia. The conference will also deliver valuable information on the cultivation, production, refining, formulating, marketing and labelling of stevia sweeteners and stevia sweetened products.

In fact, Consumer research firm Mintel will be providing a highly relevant overview of consumer acceptance of Stevia sweeteners in the F&B industry, highlighting new products and ingredient combinations that work! Attendees can also look forward to hearing leading flavour company WILD Flavors’ valuable tips on product formulation with stevia, as well insights from Zevia Soda (world’s first stevia sweetened soda) on the challenges they faced creating palatable Stevia-sweetened Carbonated soft drinks.

Those keen on participating in 2nd Stevia World Europe can submit their registrations online here. Those who are keen on exploring sponsorship and media partnerships can send their enquiries to Ms. Hafizah Adam at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg

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