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Planning to grow stevia commercially? Hear from fellow growers at 2nd Stevia World Europe’s Cultivation Workshop…

Planning to grow stevia commercially? Need help separating real picture of Stevia cultivation from hype? 2nd Stevia World Europe’s Stevia Cultivation Workshop shares practical insights from key Stevia growers & experts.

While it is true that Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni can be cultivated in almost any climate, it isn’t an easy plant to grow and has its own unique set of challenges:

  • Stevia seeds can’t be used for cultivation, due to phenotypic variability and reduced leaf quality.
  • Stevia is highly susceptible to weeds in its first years due to its water requirements.
  • There are no effective herbicides for stevia, and weeding has to be done manually.
  • Stevia plants are vulnerable to a host of insects and diseases.
  • Stevia leaves have to be harvested carefully, to avoid stressing the plant.

Challenges like those outlined above are difficult to overcome without proper direction and a set of best practices. That’s why we invited Leading Stevia cultivation experts from different regions to shed light on all of the above issues during the Stevia Cultivation workshop at 2nd Stevia World Europe.

This separately bookable workshop, entitled “AGRONOMY ADVANCEMENTS & PROCESS OPTIMISATION FOR INCREASING GLYCOSIDES YIELD,” examines progress in meeting stevia cultivation challenges, and outlines best practices for easy adoption in Stevia cultivation projects.

Participants can look forward to the latest on Plant breeding techniques to optimize leaf quality, Organic Stevia cultivation, as well as real life perspectives from Stevia projects in Turkey and Colombia.

Reap maximum benefit from the valuable information you will receive at the Stevia Cultivation workshop! Book your places before seats sell out next week. Click on the link below to register online.

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