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About Us

Centre for Management Technology (CMT) is a world leader in renewable energy, alternative fuels, petrochemicals &  commodity conferences, conducted in over 23 countries. CMT is dedicated to the provision of the latest global technology and business information through high profile conferences focusing on upcoming technologies and market opportunites. 

CMT’s Established Success in Conferences

CMT has with its 26 years of organizing top-tier conferences, forged strong relationships with leading players and domain experts in key sectors, making CMT conferences a must-attend event for all with a vested interest in the growth of their business. Participants at CMT’s conferences leave armed with knowledge on the latest trends in the industry and are enriched with the exposure and networking experience with the global participants in the industry. 

Stevia World is a rising star in CMT’s Conference Portfolio!

Stevia has always been a wild-card in the sweetener marketplace. The natural sweetener is derived from the leaves of the Stevia Rebaudiana plant, more commonly known as sweetleaf, sugarleaf or just ‘stevia’, and is a zero-calorie high-intensity sweetener purported to be 300 times sweeter than sugar.

Initiated in 2009, CMT’s Stevia World conference series has put the rapidly evolving stevia markets in perspective, by showcasing of the who’s who in Stevia sector, including top stevia growers, refiners, traders, key stevia organizations, government officials, scientists and investors. Over 500 key Stevia industry executives have attended 3 essential stevia world conferences for updates on upcoming opportunities, regulations & market shifts. Our previous successes include:

Stevia World 2009 (14-15 May 2009, Shanghai)

Over 150 key Stevia stakeholders from 31 countries attended this event in Shanghai, including top stevia growers, refiners, traders, key stevia organizations, government officials, scientists and investors. Recognized as the world’s first international Stevia conference, Stevia World 2009 generated extensive industry buzz and media coverage, and provided insights on upcoming opportunities and markets and regulatory environments. The world’s top Stevia producers including PureCircle, GLG Lifetech Corporation sponsored Stevia World 2009. >>CLICK here to find out more<<

Stevia World Europe (18 November 2009, Frankfurt)

Over 200 key Stevia & F&B executives from Europe and virtually all parts of the world attended the unique one day conference. Stevia World Europe’s comprehensive program provided delegates with a profound insight into the features and benefits of stevia extract within a one-day time frame. High caliber speakers from all over the world managed to bring a complex message across with simplicity and clarity. The world’s most influential Stevia orgnizations including EUSTAS, Greensweet SAS, Morita Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd, PureCircle and SweetLeaf Stevia (Wisdom Natural Brands) contributed views at the conference. >>CLICK here to find out more<<

Stevia World Americas (25-25 February 2010, Atlanta)

A stevia conference in what is currently the world’s biggest stevia market was a good fit, and Stevia World Americas attracted over 150 attendees from all over the world.  Participants included growers, processors and formulators sprinkled with scientists and consultants. Attendees found the structured program, covering stevia’s history, consumer perceptions, regulatory status, quality control concerns, labeling issues, stevia cultivation and processing and significant scientific breakthroughs very useful. >>CLICK here to find out more<<

Upcoming Stevia World Conferences

CMT’s Stevia World conferences are committed towards identifying the most exciting growth sectors and providing companies a comprehensive information on the regulatory environment, market opportunities, research & development and investment outlook. Look out for our upcoming events including

2nd Stevia World Asia on 20-21 April in Shanghai, and find out more about opportunities for Stevia cultivation, processing and investment in China, currently the world’s largest stevia producer and exporter. >>Read More Here<<

2nd Stevia World Europe on 18-19 May in Geneva, and obtain an important status update on Stevia’s regulatory approval in the EU, as well as essential consumer and retailer insights from France and Switzerland where stevia is already approved for use. >>Find out more here<<

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