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Past Events


2nd Stevia World Asia
20-21 April 2010, Shanghai – China


Optimising Stevia Supply Chain and Quality

Stevia World is a series of conferences dedicated to charting the growth and breakthroughs in the stevia value chain, from crop to cup, covering: Cultivation, Processing, Refining, Regulatory, Formulation, Applications and Product Marketing. 2nd Stevia World Asia follows three successful events in Shanghai, Frankfurt and Atlanta and continues the tradition of delivering high quality information along with platform for meaningful interaction with the who’s who in the business.

2nd Stevia World Asia returns to China for the second time as China is currently the largest stevia producer in the world, with output of around 3,000 tonnes in 2009, 80% of which is exported. With approval finally obtained in USA, and European approval expected soon, large stevia producers like GLG, PureCircle and Sunwin are ramping up their capacity in China and beyond. What is the status of these projects and how will it affect the supply dynamics and more importantly, will it bring about stevia price reduction leading to wider scale utilization of stevia?

Stevia sweetener can be used in all the fields needing sucrose, such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and even agriculture and animal feed. 2nd Stevia World Asia will address the opportunities of stevia in these sectors and their product development solutions.

Key Reasons You Should Attend 2nd Stevia World Asia

  • Hear from top stevia producers on the Optimisation and Sustainability of stevia supply chain
  • Acquire knowledge on high productivity Cultivation Techniques for Stevia
  • Learn how stevia producer in China Manage Contract Farming
  • Find out how to do Quality Control and Cost Budgeting of Steviol Glycoside Production
  • Improve the Sensory Profile of stevia sweetened products with Flavor Masking/Modification and Sweetness Enhancement Technologies offered by our speakers
  • Discover stevia application in Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Stockbreeding and Human Nutrition
  • Benefit from the views and insights offered by leading stevia players on the future of stevia industry
  • Interact with the who’s who in the stevia business
  • Establish new contacts with buyers, suppliers and distributors

You will Network with

  • Stevia Growers/Producers/Refiners
  • F&B companies
  • Pharmaceutical & Neutraceutical companies
  • Food ingredient companies
  • Flavour & fragrance companies
  • Sugar and sweetener companies
  • Agriculture companies
  • Biotech Research Institutions
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Institutional Investors

Be sure to mark your calendars and join us for 2 days packed agenda and abundant networking sessions. If you have missed our previous events, you don’t want to miss this one again, the perfect opportunity for you to connect with the Stevia World! 



Stevia World Americas
25-26 February 2010, Atlanta – USA


Advancing Stevia’s Position as Mainstream Sweetener

Stevia hit the big stage when it was granted no-objection by FDA regarding safety of certain rebaudioside-A as food ingredient at the end of 2008. Once solely a supplement ingredient, stevia has since entered the big playing field of large consumer packaged goods (CPG) applications.

By middle of 2009, US stevia sales topped US$95 million, a near 5-fold increase over the US$21 million in the entire 2008. Mintel forecasts that the growth will soar to more than US$2 billion by end of 2011.

Stevia’s USPs of guilt-free, all natural sweetness were seen as the holy grail of sweetener. But are CPG companies rushing to embrace the new sweetener? What are their concerns regarding safety, quality and formulation? What can the industry do to scale up the availability of stevia and ensure reliability of quality and supply?

Popularity of stevia has not gathered steam in the consumer sector. Mintel’s consumer survey reveals nearly 70% of Americans have no idea what is stevia and 11% even say they think stevia is unsafe and don’t intend to try it. The research by Rabo bank echoes the same sentiment, with only 11% saying they have tried stevia and will continue using it, and 25% saying they may be interested in trying it.

Taste profile remains a big obstacle to stevia’s growth. Various flavouring companies have introduced flavor masking/modification and sweetness enhancement solutions without detracting from the perceived benefits of its natural status.

From finance to cultivation to varietal development to flavours and formulation, CMT’s Stevia World Americas will bring you up to speed with the latest market developments and technological innovations.

Come to Stevia World Americas for an objective overview of Stevia, from cultivation to final product!

If you are a developing a Stevia sweetened product line, or growing and producing Stevia sweeteners, or seeking Flavouring solutions, or even just looking for a great investment opportunity, come to Stevia World Americas in Atlanta, USA to discover the many business opportunities in Stevia!

Stevia World Americas will provide you with answers to Stevia’s most pressing questions including…

What is the Market Penetration of Stevia vis-à-vis Sugar and other High Intensity Sweeteners? Do American Consumers know Stevia? Do they like it?

MINTEL’s session, “The Rise of Stevia: Stevia Sales Sweeten Up the Market” will deal with these questions. David Browne, a Senior Analyst at Mintel will share latest figures and forecasts for the US stevia market. He will also discuss consumer usage, behaviour and attitudes towards stevia compared to other natural and artificial sweeteners, and whether Stevia’s ‘all natural’ positioning is important to consumers.

How to deliver consistent, top quality & high purity Stevia Sweeteners?

Cerilliant Corporation will share how you too can adopt quality standards into your Stevia sweetener production to ensure the safety of the ingredient and consistency in taste profile. At Stevia World Americas, Mitzi Rettinger, VP of Sales & Marketing will address technical challenges in analyzing Steviol glycosides and present their certified reference standards for stevia based sweeteners in her presentation on “Quality Standards to Ensure Highest Purity & Consistency for Reb-A”. Also on the agenda, is a Round-Table discussion on Stevia Safety & Quality, that will see key representatives from Blue California and GRAS Associates provide a stevia producer’s and regulatory (safety)  perspective on preventing substandard quality materials from entering the market, and ensuring consistent high quality from leaf to final product.

How to improve the taste profile for Stevia Sweeteners?

At Stevia World Americas you’ll not only learn more about Flavour Solutions offered by WIXON and Overseas Natural Ingredients Ltd but also discover how you can overcome the taste challenge which is now considered the Number 1 challenge faced by Stevia Sweeteners.

What is the regulatory stand on Stevia?

Find out more about the regulatory, health & safety advances which are accelerating mainstream food uses of Stevia, from leading Food industry consultant GRAS Associates. Dr. Richard C Kraska, COO & Co-Founder of GRAS Associates will share on Notifications and other FDA activity, as well as the European Health & Safety developments for Steviol Glycosides & Rebaudioside A (Reb A).  Dr. Kraska will also talk about labelling of foods containing Steviol Glycosides and Reb-A during his session at Stevia World Americas.

How to secure Stevia Sweetener supplies?

Is investment in a Stevia plantation the key or contract farming? What are the best practices employed to increase supplies? Jim May, founder and CEO of Wisdom Natural Brands offers perspectives at Stevia World Americas during his session, “Scaling Up Stevia Availability & Increasing Market Penetration“. You will also get to hear from leading Stevia growers Imperio Guarani SA and Sun Fruits Ltd, and research institution Instituto Provincial de Acción Integral para el Pequeño Productor Agropecuario (PAIPPA), on Stevia as a Perrenial Plant, Growing Stevia via Contract Farming, and Best Agricultural Practices for Maximum Yields.

What is the optimum Stevia Extraction technology and Production process to obtain good quality stevia extract?

What factors affect the efficiency of extraction? What are the parameters to consider in choosing the right extraction technology? How to ensure that the final product remains its natural status? These are some of the critical issues discussed at length during Stevia World Americas.

What is the newest discovery on Stevia’s health benefit?

DSM discovered that compounds containing Rebaudioside A, B, F and other Steviol glycosides could enhance cognitive function through interaction with NMDA receptor in the brain that boosts synaptic transmission or chemical signalling in the brain. Dr. Regina Goralczyk, Senior Project Manager, R&D of DSM will present the results of their in vitro and in vivo animal studies and provide examples of how the ingredient could be deployed.

If extending your network and fact-finding are on your agenda, there is no better place to do so than at Stevia World Americas…

Following the successes of Stevia World conferences in Shanghai and Frankfurt, CMT once again offer you an excellent platform for networking, interaction and idea-exchanges among key executives in the science and business of Stevia during Stevia World Americas in Atlanta.

Take maximum advantage of the 6 hours of networking at the conference to make contact with Stevia Growers, Refiners, Producers, F&B companies, Food ingredient companies, Flavour & fragrance companies, Major sugar and sweetener companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Horticulture companies, Biotech Research Institutions, Equipment suppliers, Institutional Investors and more…

In short, come to Stevia World Americas for “Good Discussions & Good Contacts with People across the Stevia Business!”

~ Review of Stevia World Europe by Europe’s ‘Son of Stevia’, Dr. Joel Perret, CEO of GreenSweet SAS.

Secure your place at Stevia World Americas NOW!




Stevia World Europe
18 November 2009, Frankfurt – Germany


Stevia buyers, sellers, regulators & F&B Executives are making their way to Stevia World Europe in Frankfurt on 18-Nov-2009.


Now that France has approved Stevia (in September 2009) and as the stevia industry prepares for wider take-up in Europe, it is important to stay up to speed with the latest developments in the industry. This is where Stevia World Europe steps in.

WHAT is Stevia World?

Stevia World Europe is an industry forum that offers participants an opportunity to find out the latest regulations, products, technologies, tools, techniques, and services in the Stevia Value Chain.


This timely one day Stevia focused conference will convene on 18 November to complement a major food ingredients show taking place in Frankfurt


With Four Modules covering over 14 focus sessions & panel discussions, Stevia World Europe will cover all the key issues shaping the Stevia industry today.

Whether you are developing a new Stevia product line, searching for stevia suppliers, or just seeking more information on Stevia, you need to be at Stevia World Europe.

Align your Stevia outlook with our easy-to-follow 4 Modules approach…

MODULE 1 provides Updates on Stevia Markets & Regulations.

We start our conference with a round up of the Stevia Markets and Regulatory outlook. The wild card of the sweetener marketplace, Stevia has enjoyed amazing growth since 2008. In fact, the Financial Times recently reported that Stevia Sweeteners have taken about 10 per cent of the US consumer market for tabletop sugar substitutes, only nine months after getting GRAS status. It is predicted that the value of the stevia market will touch the $1 billion mark in 2009, and will continue its upward trajectory of growth as more markets open up for Stevia.

Europe is among the key future markets for Stevia, with the French Government becoming first in government in the EU to have approved Stevia extracts with 97 per cent purity Rebaudioside A (Reb A) as food and beverage sweeteners via inter-ministerial decree in September 2009.

While stevia is not permitted as a food ingredient or supplement in Europe now, the stevia sector’s wait for entry into Europe’s market could end soon with EU wide approval in the cards for the near future.

Module 1 at Stevia World Europe addresses the global stevia market developments, and the upcoming approval for Stevia use in Europe.

Focus sessions on the agenda include:

Stevia’s Breakthrough and Its Effect on the Global Sweetener Market Outlook
•  Will stevia be able to speed up the HIS market penetration of the sugar market to any significant extent?
•  Stevia vs. other high-intensity Sweeteners.
•  Development history and outlook of prices and market volumes.
•  What will happen when stevia enters the game?
Simon Bentley, Head of Starch & Grains Research, LMC

Current Authorization Process of Steviol Glycosides in EU
Andreas Klepsch, Novel Food Division, European Commission

“Module 1” of Stevia World Europe will help you make sense of the Global Stevia marketplace and the status of European approval, with valuable insights from leading Sweetener Market analyst Simon Bentley and Andreas Klepsch from the European Commission.

Regulatory approval aside, Stevia producers will also need to comply with strict quality standards, a challenge considering the very dynamic supplies. Hence

MODULE 2 Addresses Extraction, Measuring Quality & Purity Standards for Stevia Sweeteners.

As manufacturers begin to incorporate Stevia sweeteners into their products, it is important for these companies and, ultimately, consumers to have assurance that the Rebaudioside A (or other Steviol Glycosides) being used is of high quality, free of harmful contaminants and is consistent in its contents from one batch to the next.

Quality control, Labelling, and Purity are the vital buzzwords within the Stevia industry today, as more companies are producing and marketing their own formulations of Stevia Sweeteners.

Module 2’s agenda includes Focus Sessions covering:

Purity, an Important Factor For Excellent Taste in Reb-A Products
Cecilia McCollum, Executive Vice President, Blue California

Stevia Extraction Technologies
Dr Joel Perret, General Manager, Greensweet SAS

Importance of a Standardized and Validated Method for Measuring Steviol Glycosides
Prof. Dr. Jan M.C. Geuns, Lab. Functional Biology KULeuven

Quality Assurance Label to Ensure Highest Stevia Quality and Product Integrity
Carl Horn, Director – Regulatory Affairs, EUSTAS

At Stevia World Europe, we create a platform for discussion on standards for stevia quality and purity, to facilitate a working partnership between stevia manufacturers and food and beverage manufacturers to assure the quality of this ingredient.

That is because our sessions feature a mix of case studies (from Blue California & Greensweet SAS), research (Prof. Dr. Jan MC Geuns) and industry association perspectives on quality assurance.

Stevia World Europe also delves into the latest innovations tailored to strengthen Stevia supplies to meet growing demand…

In MODULE 3, key growers share innovations & best practices in Stevia Cultivation.

How can Stevia growers keep up with future growing demand for Stevia to be expected from increasing regulatory and consumer approval worldwide?

We address this question by zooming into innovations and best practices in Stevia Cultivation, all designed to increase Stevia output to meet the expanding demand.

Focus Sessions on the agenda:

Cultivation Experience and Supplying to the European Market
Senior Representative, Biofabrica Misiones Argentina

Advances in Commercial Cultivation & Tissue Culture Method for  Multiplication of Stevia Varieties
•  Agronomy advances to achieve optimum Glycoside in Stevia leaves in tropical climates
•  Irrigation, Post harvest dehydration,
•  Temperate region cultivation of Stevia
Shivraj Bhosle, Managing Director, SunFruits

It must be noted however, that the rising demand for Stevia is largely due to innovations by leading F&B and Food Ingredients companies to enhance the taste and increase acceptance of Stevia sweeteners among consumers.

Thus MODULE 4 showcases R&D in Flavor Masking, Product Formulation & Upcoming Applications for Stevia Sweeteners.

In June 2009, Reuters reported that the biggest challenge facing the Stevia industry is in altering negative consumer perceptions associated with the after-taste.

Companies eager to use the sweetener in their product lines and flavor companies are now working in tandem with Ingredients companies to come up with innovative ways to mask the after-taste without detracting from the benefits of Stevia’s natural status.

At Stevia World Europe, we showcase research from some of the world’s biggest and most influential F&B and Ingredients companies, as well as perspectives from Japan’s stevia industry, where stevia sweeteners have been successfully used in products for over 40 years.

On the agenda for Module 4:

Developments in Flavor Masking and Sweetness Enhancement Technologies
Dr Greg Horn, Senior Director-Sweetness Technology, WILD Flavors

Stevia characteristics and potential for new applications – Sharing Morita’s 30 years of experience
•  Morita’s experience on stevia characteristics and applying them for various applications
Toyoshige Morita*, President, Morita Kagaku Kogyo Co Ltd
*Due to language barriers, the paper will be presented by Konstantinos Karayiannis, Assistant Manager & Coordinator, Morita Kagaku Kogyo Co. Ltd.

Nutrional Application & Development of Stevia in Asia including outlook for the European Food Market – A Korean producer perspective
Kevin Park, Marketing Manager, Daepyung /Seppic

Formulating Beverage Compositions with Stevia and another Natural Ingredient
Dr Jingjun Liao, CEO, Board Director, Guilin Layn Natural Ingredients Corp.

Module 4 also features a Panel Discussion moderated by PureCircle featuring leading Stevia Industry Stakeholders discussing the “Future of Stevia”. Among the key issues, the panel will address:
• The need for the industry to Work together & ensure high quality & integrity
• Bringing down costs of stevia
Moderated by: Angus Flood, Head of International Marketing, PureCircle

Stevia World Europe’s four modules are organized to provide insight into the entire stevia value chain, which is why Stevia World Europe participants will be able to reap maximum benefit from this entire section we’ve dedicated to mapping the end-use segments in the stevia industry.

But the key reason why we attend conferences is to network. And the networking is why you Can’t Miss attending Stevia World Europe...

Come to Stevia World Europe for a Networking Coup! Meet world’s top Stevia buyers, sellers, researchers & regulators.

Stevia World Europe brings Stevia industry stakeholders together like no other Stevia event. How? By creating a place for all of the many disciplines, and people, involved in the science and business of Stevia!

Stevia World Europe offers unparalleled opportunities to meet old friends, make new ones, and nurture business partnerships — while you continue to expand your knowledge of the latest developments in the regulations, markets and technologies in Stevia. In short, you will find the people you want to know at the Stevia World Europe summit!

You will meet:

  • Food & Beverage Manufacturers
  • Food Ingredient & Additive companies
  • Flavour and Fragrance company
  • Stevia Growers
  • Steviol Glycoside Producers
  • Stevia Extraction and Refining Technology Licensors
  • Sweetener producers
  • Commodity Investors / Traders
  • Regulators
  • Nutraceutical companies
  • Herbal plantations in Asia
  • Horticulture / Botany companies
  • Seedling suppliers
  • Plant Breeders / Tissue culture labs


Don’t miss out on the European Stevia networking event of the year 2009.

As the only true one-stop-shop for trends and information in the Stevia industry—Stevia World Europe is the single most important conference for updates on latest regulations, new technologies and one-to-one, in-person dialogue.




Stevia World
14-15 May 2009, Shanghai – China


Stevia takes bigger share in multi-billion dollar sweetener markets! More companies moving aggressively into Stevia production, capitalising on upcoming opportunities.

Stevia Sweeteners has always been a wild-card in the sweetener marketplace. The sweetener is derived from the leaves of the Stevia Rebaudiana plant, more commonly known as sweetleaf, sugarleaf or just ‘stevia’, and is a zero-calorie high-intensity sweetener purported to be 300 times sweeter than sugar.

Despite challenging regulatory obstacles that stevia products have faced over the past 15 years, sales have continued to climb year after year in both the natural and conventional markets.

Stevia’s use as a sweetener is not new; Stevia sweeteners have been approved and in use as both a stand-alone sweetener and a food/beverage additive for decades in countries such as Brazil, South Korea and Japan. Over 40% of Japan’s sweetener market is dominated by Stevia, where the sweetener is used to sweeten many products like soda, chewing gum and confectioneries.

In fact, during the late ’80s, Stevia was quickly gaining momentum as a popular sweetener in the United States. However, the FDA banned the import of Stevia in 1991 over health concerns. The FDA lifted its ban on stevia four years later, but only allowed it to be labelled as a dietary supplement. This changed in end 2008 when the FDA issued a letter of “no objection” to Cargill & Merisant’s GRAS status for their respective Rebaudioside A sweeteners. In 2009, it has been predicted that Stevia will take a significant share the $3 Billion US sweetener market.

In the European Union however, stevia is permitted neither as a food ingredient nor a supplement, but applications have already been submitted to the European Food Safety Authority to approve stevia with prediction that European Approval will follow through as soon as 2010.

The landmark development heralds the opening of new markets for the stevia sector, and it is estimated that in 2009, the value of the stevia market will touch the $1 billion mark.  There is therefore an even stronger need to understand the unique prospects and challenges that will emerge from these new developments.

To make sense of the changing Stevia markets, we’ve put together the world’s FIRST Global Stevia Industry Conference Stevia World 2009, which will be held on 14-15 May in Shanghai, CHINA.

Stevia World 2009 in Shanghai highlights Upcoming Opportunities, Pinpoints Regulatory Challenges & Shares Market Updates in Global Stevia Sector.

With so many developments shaping and changing the dynamics of the Stevia markets as we speak, staying ahead of the market to take maximum advantage of upcoming opportunities is the best thing you can do for your business.

And that’s what Stevia World 2009, the world’s most relevant Stevia Industry conference, will do for you.

Stevia World 2009 is not just a one-way conference or a static tradeshow. In fact, Stevia World 2009 is a communications and idea exchange platform that will give participants the edge over the evolving markets and capitalise on this promising sector.

Stevia World 2009 will be held on 14-15 May in Shanghai- China, to offer the Stevia Industry the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and learn about the latest developments, innovations and opportunities arising from the Stevia value chain.

The Stevia World 2009 panel consists the who’s-who of the Stevia sector, including top stevia growers, refiners, traders, key stevia industry organisations, government officials, scientists and investors.

Stevia World 2009 will touch on key areas in the Stevia value chain, in two action packed days designed to deliver maximum learning and discussion.

Summing up Stevia Market Trends & Outlook for 2009.

Stevia World 2009’s exciting line-up will begin with a complete overview of the Stevia Market as the sweetener industry’s most influential voice LMC looks at upcoming market trends and provide their outlook for the global sweetener markets.

More importantly, LMC will draw on data and their research findings to give you an update on the potential of Stevia as a sweetener, and project the role it will play in the sweetener marketplace in the near future.

LMC International, a UK based consultancy specializing in agricultural commodities and their end products is one of the most influential voices in the sweetener industry, with their dedicated sweeteners research division producing their Sweetener Industry Analysis report, one of the world’s most respected and cited sweetener market report.

Growing, Processing & Managing Stevia Projects around the world.

Stevia World 2009 features country focus sessions, aimed at giving you an update into the regulatory environment, industry overview, market outlook and applications for Stevia in major Stevia production and consumption markets around the world.

The world’s largest Stevia exporter, China, will start of the session with their update on China’s stevia industry, domestic and export markets. Speaking on the topic will be China’s Stevia industry Association, the country’s largest and most powerful stevia industry body.

Japan, currently the world’s largest Stevia consumer will also share their perspectives at Stevia World 2009. Speaking on the country’s very well established Stevia industry will be Toyoshige Morita, President of Morita Kagaku Kogoyo Co., Ltd, Japan’s oldest and most established stevia producer, who have been manufacturing stevia sweeteners since 1971!

Stevia World 2009 also spotlights the emerging Stevia markets in the USA, where the FDA’s no-objection to the GRAS by major stevia sweetener producers will now shift Stevia off the health supplement shelves into the beverage category. The US represents a whole new frontier for the stevia industry, and Dr. Robert McQuate, CEO of GRAS Associates will share an update on Stevia markets in the US.

Another strong player in Stevia production is India, which ventured into Stevia cultivation in the last 3-4 years. Stevia Biotech Pvt. Ltd, one of India’s most active Stevia producer will share insights on India’s stevia industry. You will also get to hear from Waterland Bioscience LLC who has been growing stevia in Vietnam for many years and has been working on intercropping it with other plants to increase its profit potentials

You will also get to hear on:

  • Australia & New Zealand – Professor David Midmore, Director—Center for Plant & Water Science at Central Queensland University
  • Eastern Europe- European Stevia Association Representative
  • Canada
  • Egypt

Stevia World 2009 is a truly Global stevia conference, and that delivers on its promise of covering and discussing the Global stevia industry.
So what are you waiting for?

Growing around the world – Case Studies & Best Practices shared at Stevia World 2009.

One of the most important links in the Stevia Value chain is the production, which is why Stevia World 2009 has dedicated a focus session to provide participants with an in-depth view into issues in Stevia propagation, Agronomy & Post Harvest management.

We’ve got three very experienced Stevia experts to share realistic insights on stevia cultivation in different climate conditions.

Hear from Dr. N Barathi, Director at Growmore Biotech Ltd, a pioneer in Stevia tissue culture, as he shares insights in growing stevia in tropical and subtropical climates like India, where stevia is a perennial. You will also get to hear on the cultivation of Stevia in Egypt’s desert climate from Dr. Ahmed El Sayed Atia from Egypt’s Sugar Crops Research Institute.

You will also get to hear on the cultivation of Stevia in China’s temperate weather, where the crop grows as an annual plant and from Dr. Mathe Akos from the International Society for Horticultural Science on the prospects for growing stevia in Europe.

Use this session to get an update on:

  • Propagation: Vegetative vs. Tissue Culture
  • Soil & Climatic requirements
  • Cultivation techniques
  • Irrigation
  • Pest & Disease Management
  • Fertilisation
  • Best Agronomic Practices
  • Silviculture to enhance rebaudioside content
  • Harvesting
  • Proper storage of leaves
  • Dehydration process

Best Practices in Extracting & Refining for Top Grade Stevia Sweetener Manufacture.

Steviol Glycosides are the purified extracts of the Stevia Rebaudiana plant. There are four main glycosides; stevioside, Rebaudioside A, rebaudioside C and dulcoside A. Stevioside and Rebaudioside A are the main determinants of Stevia’s sweet taste, and Rebaudioside A tastes the best with little after-taste, and is currently in great demand from the global sweetener markets.

At Stevia World 2009, we zoom into the extraction of Rebaudioside A (Reb-A) from Stevia, and the refining process to meet international quality standards.

Hear from Prof. David Midmore, Director of Central Queensland University’s Center for Plant & Water Science, as he presents a very informative session on the production of Steviol Glycosides. In his presentation, Prof. Midmore will touch on

  • Physiological reasons for production of Steviol glycosides
  • Factors influencing the amount and concentration of Steviol glycosides
  • Managing factors to increase production of desired Steviol glycosides for higher returns

Stevia World 2009 also features a dedicated sharing of the best practices to increase extraction and refining efficiency, and provides a comparison between water and solvent based extraction for stevia glycoside production.

Dr. John Hu, Vice President and GM (China) of US Pharmacopeia (USP) will also share on the standards and quality assurance factors for Reb A production, a not to be missed session for stevia businesses looking to expand their market reach to new markets.

Top & Upcoming Stevia Applications for maximum returns covered at Stevia World 2009.

Stevia World 2009 provides attendees with insights into the entire stevia value chain, which is why Stevia World 2009participants will be able to reap maximum benefit from the entire section we’ve dedicated to mapping the end-use segments in the stevia industry.

This section will equip your business with those key insights that will give you an edge over competitors in product development, marketing and distribution of your stevia products.

As Stevia World 2009 zooms into stevia applications in the Food & Beverage, Personal & Skin Care, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural (fertilizer) and Animal Feed industries, you will gain an in-depth analysis into:

  • Effect of application
  • Impact on flavour & properties
  • Impact on cost
  • Ideal amount applied
  • Maximum amount approved by law
  • Quality requirements for Steviol glycosides
  • Suppliers’ Expectations

Stevia World 2009 facilitates 8 hrs of networking and exchange of perspectives & is the only platform that brings together buyers & sellers in the Global Stevia Sector.

At Stevia World 2009, you will meet with top executives, CEOs, MDs and Researchers in the global stevia & sweetener industries, including

  • Food & Beverage Manufacturers
  • Food Ingredient & Additive companies
  • Flavour and Fragrance company
  • Stevia Growers
  • Steviol Glycoside Producers
  • Stevia Extraction and Refining Technology Licensors
  • Sweetener producers
  • Commodity Investors / Traders
  • Regulators
  • Nutraceutical companies
  • Herbal plantations in Asia
  • Horticulture / Botany companies
  • Seedling suppliers
  • Plant Breeders / Tissue culture labs


Don’t miss out on the Stevia networking event of the year 2009.



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