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Stevia World Frankfurt 2009


Stevia World Europe 2009 is a showcase of the who’s who in Stevia sector, including top stevia growers, refiners, traders, key stevia organisations, government officials, scientists and investors who will highlight Upcoming opportunities, Pinpoints Regulatory Challenges & Shares Market Updates.


Stevia World Europe

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

08:00 Registration & Morning Coffee

09:00 Chairman’s Welcoming Remarks
Speaker: Angus Flood, Head of International Marketing, PureCircle

Markets & Regulations

09:05  Stevia’s Breakthrough and Its Effect on the Global Sweetener Market Outlook
• Will stevia be able to accelerate the HIS market penetration of the sugar market to any significant extent?
• Stevia vs other high-intensity sweeteners . Development history and outlook of prices and market volumes. What will happen when stevia enters the game?
Speaker: Simon Bentley, Head of Starch & Grains Research, LMC

09:35  Current Authorisation Process of Steviol Glycosides in EU
Speaker: Andreas Klepsch, Novel Food Division, European Commission

10:00  Discussion followed by Coffee Break


10:30  Purity, an Important Factor For Excellent Taste in Reb-A Products
Speaker: Cecilia McCollum, Executive Vice President, Blue California

11:00  Stevia Extraction Technologies
Speaker: Dr Joel Perret, General Manager, Greensweet SAS

11:30  Importance of A Standardised and Validated Method for Measuring Steviol Glycosides
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jan M.C. Geuns, Lab. Functional Biology KULeuven

12:00  Quality Assurance Label to Ensure Highest Stevia Quality and Product Integrity
Speaker: Carl Horn, Director – Regulatory Affairs, EUSTAS

12:30 Discussion followed by Lunch
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13:30 Chairman for Afternoon Session
Speaker: Robert Jonsson, Ingredient Marketing International

13:35  Cultivation Experience and Supplying to the European Market
Speaker: Senior Representative, Biofabrica Misiones Argentina

14:00  Advances in Commercial Cultivation & Tissue Culture Method for Multiplication of Stevia Varieties
• Agronomy advances to achieve optimum Glucoside in Stevia leaves in tropical climates
• Irrigation, Post harvest dehydration, temperate region cultivation of Stevia
Speaker: Shivraj Bhosle, Managing Director, SunFruits

Developments in Flavour Masking and Sweetness Enhancement Technologies

14:30 Dr Greg Horn, Senior Director – Sweetness Technology, WILD Flavors

15:30 Discussion followed by Tea Break

Sharing of Asian Experiences

16:00  Stevia Characteristics and Potential for New Applications – Sharing Morita’s 30 years of Experience
Author: Toyoshige Morita, President
Speaker: Konstantinos Karayiannis, Assistant Manager & Coordinator, Morita Kagaku Kogyo Co Ltd

16:30   Nutrional Application & Development of Stevia in Asia including outlook for the European Food Market – A Korean producer perspective
Speaker: Kevin Park, Marketing Manager, Daepyung (Head office)

17:00 Formulating Beverage Compositions with Stevia and Another Natural Ingredient
Speaker: Dr. Jingjun Liao, CEO, Guilin Layn Natural Ingredients Corp

17:30 Panel Discussion – Future of Stevia
• Working together to ensure high quality & integrity
• Bringing down costs of stevia
• Perspective from a major food company on what the industry should do to ensure safety management during production process, improve quality and also communication to consumer
Moderated by Angus Flood, Pure Circle
Dr Roger Olivier, Research Scientist, Food Science & Technology Dept, Nestle Research Center
Inviting all stevia producers

18:00 Final Discussion & End of Conference



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