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Stevia World Shanghai 2009


Stevia World 2009 in Shanghai is a showcase of the who’s who in Stevia sector, including top stevia growers, refiners, traders, key stevia organisations, government officials, scientists and investors who will highlight Upcoming opportunities, Pinpoints Regulatory Challenges & Shares Market Updates.


Stevia World

Day 1 – Thursday, 14 May 2009

08:00 Registration & Coffee

09:00 Chairman Welcome & Introductions

09:10  Global Supply Chain: Key Success of Reb A to Multinational F&B Companies
Speaker: Dorn Wenninger, Corporate Vice President Supply Chain, PureCircle Sdn. Bhd.

09:40  Development, Market Outlook & Applications of Stevia in Japan/Stevia Species Development and New Variety
Speaker: Toyoshige Morita, President, Morita Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd

10:10  Attaining Regulatory Authorizations for Stevia-Derived Sweetener Food Uses in the United States
Speaker: Dr. Robert S. McQuate, CEO & Co-Founder, GRAS Associates LLC

10:40 Discussion followed by Refreshments

11:10  Europe: Regulatory Update
Speaker: Carl Horn af Rantzien, Director, Regulatory Affairs, European Stevia Association (EUSTAS)

In-Depth Focus on Propagation, Agronomy & Post Harvest Management
– Propagation: vegetative vs. tissue culture
– Soil & climatic requirements
– Cultivation techniques
– Irrigation
– Pest & disease management
– Fertilisation
– Best agronomic practices
– Silviculture to enhance rebaudioside content
– Harvesting
– Proper storage of leaves
– Dehydration process

11:40  China’s experience (Temperate climate)
with contribution from

12:10  Vietnam’s experience (Tropical climate, Perennial plant)
Speaker: Waterland Bioscience LLC

12:30 Discussion followed by Lunch

14:00  India’s experience (Tropical / Subtropical climate)
Speaker: Dr. N Barathi, Director, Growmore Biotech Ltd.

15:30 Discussion followed by Refreshments

16:00  Egypt’s experience (Dessert climate)
Speaker: Dr. Ahmed El-Sayed, Researcher, Sugar Crops Research Institute, Agriculture Research Center

16:40  Hi-tech, computerized propagation
Speaker: Murali Dharan, CEO, Mianzhu Gold Tree Agrotech

17:10 Discussion followed by End of Day 1

17:15 Networking Reception for participants to have closer discussion

Day 2 – Friday, 15 May 2009

09:00 Chairman’s Remarks

09:05  Latest Extraction & Refining Technology
Speakers: Dr. Luke Zhang, Chairman & CEO, GLG Life Tech Corporation
David Bishop, Executive VP of International Affairs, GLG Life Tech Corporation
with contribution from Cargill

09:35  Production of Steviol Glycosides/ Usage in Australia
– Physiological reasons for production of steviol glycosides,
– Factors influencing the amount and concentration of steviol glycosides
– Management of such factors to increase production of steviol glycosides
– Industry overview in Australia
– Supply issues
Speaker: Prof. David Midmore, Director – Centre for Plant and Water Science, Central Queensland University

10:05  Quality Standards for the Stevia Constituent, Rebaudioside
Speaker: Dr. John Hu, Vice President/General Manager (China), United States Pharmacopeia R&D (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

10:35 Discussion followed by Refreshments

11:05  Towards Sustainable, Environmental Friendly Stevia Processing
– Self contained, Carbon Neutral technology
– Impact of new technology on cost economics
– Why Stevia industry should work towards the goal of zero-impact on environment
– Environmental challenge: too serious to leave to politicians, a call for active entrepreneurs to accept the challenge
– Why consumers will punish polluting and non CSR-complying companies and put them out of business
– Chinese Sikejan initiative: A challenge to the rest of China, Asia and the rest of the world
Speaker: Mrs. Lucy Dahlgren, Project Director, Granular AB

11:35  India: Next Big Cultivation Centre
Speaker: Sourabh Agarwal, Managing Director, Stevia Biotech Pvt Ltd

12:05  Steviol Glycoside Production and Environmental Protection
Speaker: Prof. Yan Li, Jinan University

12:35  Roundtable Discussion: Stevia Applications & Product Development in Food & Beverage / Personal Care / Pharmaceutical / Fertiliser / Animal Feed

13:05 Final Discussion followed by Lunch

14:30 End of Conference



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